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Free Smart Objects Sample Chapter
To help you to get used to the easy-to-follow one hour lesson format of Sams Teach Yourself Adobe GoLive 6 in 24 Hours we're giving away a free chapter for you to download. Enjoy Chapter 17, "Using Photoshop/ImageReady, Illustrator, LiveMotion, and Generic Smart Objects" in PDF format.

  • Smart Objects Chapter, Chapter 18 (804 kb PDF)

Extended Table of Contents
A good way to evaluate a book is to check out the Table of Contents. This way you can see which topics are covered and how the book is organized.

  • Table of Contents (63 kb PDF)

Here's the basic Table of Contents of Sams Teach Yourself Adobe GoLive 6 in 24 Hours:

    1. Understanding the GoLive Interface
    2. Creating a Site File
    3. Creating a Web Page
    4. Formatting and Stylizing Text
    5. Using Graphics on a Web Page
    6. Designing Pages with Tables
    7. Designing Pages with the Layout Grid
    8. Designing Pages with Floating Boxes
    9. Using GoLive's Site Management Tools
    10. Using Components, Stationeries, Library Snippets, and Page Templates
    11. Designing Pages with Frames
    12. Designing Forms for User Feedback
    13. Using JavaScript Actions
    14. Creating DHTML Animations
    15. Using Plug-ins and Multimedia Content
    16. Using the QuickTime Editor
    17. Using Photoshop/ImageReady, Illustrator, and LiveMotion Smart Objects
    18. Formatting Text with Cascading Style Sheets
    19. Controlling How GoLive Writes HTML
    20. Creating a Site Design
    21. Working with Source Code in GoLive
    22. Cleaning Up Your Web Site
    23. Uploading Your Web Site to Your Web Server with FTP
    24. Making Your Web Site Search Engine Ready

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