GoLive 5

Free Extensions

All of the extensions below are free and work in GoLive 5 and GoLive 6 for Macintosh and Windows. Download the extensions, read the readme.html file for installation directions, and enjoy being more productive with Adobe GoLive! For even more GoLive extensions and actions visit the new Adobe Xchange.

Smart Forms

Free GoLive extension by co-author Adam Pratt that add dozens of the most common form elements to the Objects Palette.

Smart Forms 2.0

  • SmartForms2.sit (28.6k)
  • SmartForms2.zip (32.5k)

Smart Forms International 1.1

  • SmartFormsInter.sit (24.1k)
  • SmartFormsInter.zip (20.8k)

Smart Tables

Smart Tables 1.0 is a free GoLive extension that adds 12 commonly-used HTML table designs to GoLive's Objects palette. These tables are a great way for new web designers to learn about good HTML table design and for experienced web designers to minimize repetitive tasks.

Smart Tables Pro

Smart Tables Pro is the same as Smart Tables but without the directions, tips, or cell colors. This makes it more useful for experienced web designers who just want to use the table templates as a starting block for their own designs.

  • SmartTablesPro.sit (7k)
  • SmartTablesPro.zip (7k)

Greek Text

Another free extension by Adam that places a paragraph of placeholder text anywhere you need it.

  • GreekText.sit (17k)
  • GreekText.zip (17k)

Disable Smart Tags

The free Disable Smart Tags extension adds a new command to the Extensions menu called "Disable Microsoft Smart Tags" that adds a meta tag to all the pages in your web site that disables the new Smart Tags technology from Microsoft.

  • Disable_Smart_Tags.sit (4k)
  • Disable_Smart_Tags.zip (4k)

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