Some people walk into a casino thinking that they are going to win millions of dollars, just because they have seen it in the movies. I am going to tell you that, it is not going to happen that way. It is a one in 1 million chance that you end up winning the jackpot; if you do, KUDOS to you. You need to have a certain type of attitude when you walk into a casino. It should not be a toxic one, but it should not be childish as well. In this article, I will be talking about some things that you should avoid doing in a casino because these things would annoy a lot of people, some things could get you in casino jail, some things could get you in a real jail. May this article be like a warning that would stop you from doing certain things in these establishments.

  • It would be best if you never messed with your phone when you are at a table, playing a game. It would be considered incredibly disrespectful, and also it would disturb a lot of people who are at the table who are trying to have a serious game. This will be one of the biggest casino tips that you should know. It can be tempting to text, talk or even take some photos while you are gambling; just don’t do it. Avoid that temptation of taking photos. If you feel you might miss an important text or a phone call, put the phone on high-volume. When you need to answer it, go ahead and take the phone call elsewhere, the dealer will look after your chips for you. The main reason behind this particular casino etiquette rules that you shouldn’t use your phone, stems behind the fact that some people use phones to cheat. It also happens to be very distracting and rude to the players. Gambling is something that requires a lot of thinking, strategy, concentration. If someone is at your table, speaking loudly, how can you concentrate?
  • Do not ask your dealer for any advice. This step relates to the understanding of rules and regulations of the game before you sit down. It would help if you gambled with confidence, and when you asked a dealer for advice, it is not exactly sure that you are confident. If you ask the dealer some help, it would put him or her in an awkward situation because their advice doesn’t guarantee you a win. If you happen to follow it and lose, the situation can get a little awkward because you might think that they made you lose on purpose. It would be best if you knew what you were doing before you sat down.